The Somerville Arts Council’s ArtsUnion Project is an initiative designed to boost the cultural economic development of Union Square, Somerville. Now in its sixth year, ArtsUnion has been instrumental in reinvigorating the artistic and business landscape of the area. ArtsUnion presents numerous events and markets, and leads cultural tours.

Bazaar Bizarre began in 2001 as a hodge-podge of friends and acquaintances cobbling together their handcrafted DIY wares to sell, staging an offbeat entertainment extravaganza. The Bazaar Bizarre joins the SAC to present their first summer fair, curated from 10 years of amazing local art and craft vendors. The fair will feature handmade housewares, jewelry, fine art, toys and ceramics for sale, while visitors to the neighborhood can try their hand at several do-it-yourself workshops and hear local bands perform.

Together, we're hosting the first Summer Bazaar Bizarre...Here's some of the Boston Bazaar Bizarre Summer 2010 Vendors!

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and DJ Mark E Moon

Argyle Whale

Elise Towle Snow has a day job that usually involves ripping apart old furniture. She likes to even out the destruction by creating art in the evenings and the results are lighthearted line drawings of talkative animals, minerals and vegetables. Through the use of a Japanese silkscreening machine called the Gocco, the illustrations find their way onto notebooks, stationery, bags and buttons. Elise lives in Salem, MA and operates under the alias of Argyle Whale.

atomsatwork accessories

atomsatwork accessories was started by Stephanie Gravalese-Wood in 2005 in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. Stephanie is inspired by texture, memories, and sees each piece as a "composed memory." Her intention is to invoke these memories by delving into old family button boxes, and to celebrate the creative process of the those who wore them in the past, giving them new life as jewelry and hair accessories


Miss Sarah Coyne's Egg-A-Go-Go is a one-woman crafting/art-ing operation. Silk screened pillows, stufed toys, stationery, and clothing for adults and little ones, original paintings and prints of all kinds, Egg-A-Go-Go specializes in cute handmade goods for you and your home.

FDF1 (Family Dinner for One)

FDF1 (Family Dinner for One) is husband and wife team Seth and Beth Marois. We've been cranking out hand-screen-printed tees in the Boston area since 2006, inspired all the while by our admittedly weird-ass sense of humor.


fashioned by ferdinand: we design and manufacture cards, journals, stationery sets, t-shirts, patches, pins, onesies, underpants, earrings, notepads, headbands, hats, tiaras, potholders and other random one offs and experiments.


Voz's world is peopled by emotional monsters and under-appreciated animals (none of which are actually people.) She is compulsively driven to draw, sew, sculpt and paint them and share her creatures with the world.

Glamourpuss Creations

Lisa O'Neill is a life-long crafty girl who's love of all things vintage led to the start of Glamourpuss Creations Retro-modern jewelry designed from authentic vintage materials.


2 sisters, sierra and vienna, living many miles apart love to fill the space void by sharing ideas, materials, and the crazy prospect of melting the distance away. We both have sewing genes in our blood, but ohhh it doesn't stop there. we come from inventors, pioneers, hippies, recyclers, problem solvers and nature lovers.

Happy Owl Glassworks

Tracy has always been fascinated by the likes of birds, trees and simple curiosities around her that deserve a closer look. She incorporate these ideas into her glass, feeling that they are reachable by many walks of life. She pursued the media of glass with a background in graphic design. Because of this rigid mindset, she embraces the look of hard lines in much of her work. She feels that she creates a complimentary mix of warm subject matter with fine technical detail amounting to a friendly body of functional glasswork.


Heatherjeany was born and raised in little Rhody and has had a lifetime love of making things. She draws on her textile design background as well as her love of nature and nostalgia to come up with her screenprinted designs. Fueled by coffee, sweet treats, and a lovely family she works crazy hours in her little studio making Gocco printed stationery and screenprinted clothing. And she loves every minute of it.

Hoosier Magnolia

I find each creature from within a patterned fabric, hand-cut the animal, then individually sew it onto the garment. Dresses, mobiles, blankets, quilts, and all appliques are crafted 100% from the ground up by me. Never know what I¹ll spot next!

Lindsay Metivier

My photographs portray the beauty of natural decay and the footprint left by human-altered landscapes. I'm looking very closely at the little things we encounter, the minor details we stumble upon everyday but don't really think about, and illustrating their significance.


Maisonwares is Ryan Marie Samuel and Ben Hill. A few years ago Ryan dreamed up Maisonwares from her love of housewares, and began making aprons, oven mitts, and light switch plate covers. Now a few years later, Ben and Ryan have joined artistic forces to make Maisonwares what it is today: colorful, useful, and urban pieces for the home.


I am Emily Davis, aka MIAOW, handmade plush animals. I founded MIAOW in late 2007 out of a love of soft sculpture and animals. Each animal is designed and crafted entirely from my own patterns using suiting wool and felted wool. My designs are classic yet unique, innocent yet fun.

Nervous System

Nervous System is an experimental design firm that uses new technologies to reinterpret natural phenomena. They produce an innovative jewelry line combining computer generated patterns with rapid manufacturing methods.

Nicole Depont

Boston based artist, Nicole Deponte had no idea what she was getting into when she was given two trash bags full of neckties. Deponte's designs are constructed from upcycled vintage neckties, providing a high fashion brand for an eco-savy consumer. Although the label launches a fresh new collection each season, Lilian Asterfield prides itself on not being season specific or gender specific. Inspired by the rich colors and detailed prints of their handpicked neckties, one can't help but ponder the many adventures behind them. Each piece is a one of a kind, handcrafted work of art. The ascot and neck kerchief collection, Deponte's signature, is completely hand sewn, couture, and the most celebrated of her pieces. Deponte's designs are currently available for both custom and retail at her studio/showroom in Boston, Massachusetts.

Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines Studio is a non-profit organization that promotes artists with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to foster self-exploration, empowerment, and community connection through the arts. In our warehouse studio outside Davis Square, Somerville, artists with and without disabilities combine their intuitive talents to create uniquely uninhibited creations of splendor. In addition to original art and craft items, we carry hand drawn and silkscreened clothing and bags. Can't find the right one? CUSTOM PRINTS!!!! will be available at our new cooperative retail space at "It's a Gift" in Union Sq. so bring your own clothing!

olaria studio

Olaria Studio is the busy little design/clay studio and website run by Amy McClure. She says, "I use some printmaking & graphic design elements to give my work a playfulness as well, bringing a little bit of modernity to the traditional expectations of works in clay....Currently, I like to incorporate the use of found objects to embellish the formal qualities of my work such as texture, color & design. Keeping an eye toward function & quality is also an important part of the creative process for me."

Pansy Maiden

Inspired by clean lines, whimsical shapes, and an urban aesthetic, Pansy Maiden subscribes to a "less is more" philosophy. My mission is to create attractive, sustainable, cruelty-free bags in a socially responsible manner.

I do not use leather, wool, silk, or materials that are tested on animals. The mills where my fabrics are sourced abide by Fair Trade regulations, are GOTS and SLA certified, and the dyes they use are plant-based, non-sulfur dyes (no harmful chemical run-off). The fabric detergent and softener I use is plant-based and ecofriendly.


Pinecone+Chickadee is a collaboration between graphic designer, Amy Teh, and her musician husband, Noah DeFilippis. The duo silkscreen their original artwork onto greeting cards, journals, apparel and accessories. Their paper goods are printed on recycled materials and they have several organic options in their apparel line. All their products are printed by hand with water-based, earth friendly inks. Their studio is located in Portland, Maine.


Much of my work is inspired by Polish folk art though sometimes I like to re-purpose old letterpress ornaments and cuts, or bind books with found papers or other materials. I offer letterpress cards and journals, hand-bound books and albums, and digital art prints produced on a high quality professional grade inkjet printer. All my paper-made goodies are produced in Somerville, MA

Repeat Press

Repeat Press is a letterpress studio founded in 2003 by Mike Dacey. Recently relocated to a new home in Somerville, Repeat Press offers a number of letterpress products such as greeting cards, coasters, blank journals, and wall prints. Repeat Press has also done a large body of poster work for local and national musical acts that has been shown in several exhibitions across the country.


jen ferreira is the sole designer, creator and proprietess of saint9 and she enjoys creating all sorts of handmade items such as stationery, prints, tote bags, zippered pouches, aprons and t-shirts, all hand-silkscreened with her own patterns and designs.


Gocco prints, original art and limited edtion prints. Inspired by all that is weird and cute in nature.

sew mary ann

sew mary ann creates colorful hair felt hair accessories, sewing accessories, and a variety of quilted items.

slaPP haPPie

emily’s most recent sewing lesson was with the pulchritudinous ms. sheldon, back at red hook central junior high school, in 1983. the designs on her pillows and tote bags make one wonder if the creator were a color- and pattern-blind golf-playing octogenarian, but you would be wrong. most of slaPPhaPPie’s creations are made from rescued materials, destined for certain doom if left in the remnants rack at jo-ann, on the dusty shelf at job lot, or in a cruddy bin at building 19 for one more day…


Marissa Falco designs and creates all manner of awesome under the name Thimblewinder. In addition to festive crowns and magic wands, this year's offerings include original art, prints, and much more!

Toiluxe was inspired by the need to come up with the perfect housewarming gift for a friend who had everything. It had to be that one specific thing that had one unmistakable use. And once the idea was born, there was no stopping it from growing into it's own entity.

Your bathroom will be the talk of the party, and you'll wish you had more toilet space. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or requests. I'm not Martha Stewart, but then again, she's not me, either.

Twigs and Heather

Twigs and Heather is twin sisters and silversmiths Heather Goodwin and Kerry Alice Collins. Using the lost wax casting method and a few tricks of our own, our pieces are cast from organic objects and hand carved waxes. Our designs are part forest finds, part rock star, and part silly romantic.

Vonica Designs

Each item from Vonica Designs is designed and finely handcrafted using uniquely textured upholstery and vintage fabrics. With an earthy yet urban appeal, our handbags, wallets, and other fabric accessories are whimsical, bold, and often inspired by animal forms.


Zoetropa began in 2007 out of a passion for paper and printmaking. The collection includes note cards, journals, magnets, and pins. Each item is hand printed with care using hand carved printing blocks and colorful inks. The simple yet charming illustrations are inspired by a variety of sources, such as common everyday objects, nature, birds, animals, Nordic design, and Japanese Zakka.


zwceramics is operated out of Mudflat Studios in Somerville, MA just a few moments away from her home. Her work is heavily influenced by things in nature, found on land and from the sea, and she incorporates the textures and colors found in these objects into her work.


Zooguu provides kids of all ages with high quality handmade toys that are uniquely designed to be safe, colorful, appealing and adorable.

Brought to you by the 2009 Boston Bazaar Bizarre organizers:

Alison Gordon, Jen Ferreira, Marissa Falco, Megan Creamer, Sarah Coyne, Dave Sakowski, and Stacie Slotnick

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